Private Reports & Responses


  • Introductory Note of the response of the POLISARIO Front to the report released by the Fondation ‘France Libertés’ on the conditions of detention of the Moroccan POWs held by the POLISARIO Front. September 2003
  • The Polisario Front. Credible negotiations partner or after-effect of the coldwar and obstacle to a political solution in Western Sahara. European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center(ESISC). November 2005
  • Review of the ESISC Report on the POLISARIO Front By Sidi M. Omar
  • Response of Polisario Front of the ESISC Report . December 2005
  • Amnesty International. Morocco / Western Sahara. Sahrawi human rights defenders in the dock.November 2005
  • Rapport Human Rights Watch 2005
  • Morocco/Western Sahara: Stop the judicial harassment of Sahrawi human rights defenders February 2007
  • Rapport Human Rights Watch 2008