Arrest of two journalists from Media Team in Gulimín

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Arrest of two journalists from Media Team in Gulimín

Laayoune, Friday 30 September, 2016, Since Friday 2p.m. the young journalists Said Amidan and Brahim Laajail are missing. The two journalists from Equipo Mediático are students in Agadir and were traveling aboard a bus of Supratours (subsidiary of the national company ONCF) that made the route between El Aaiún-Agadir. The two young men were back to

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New crime of the Moroccan Army of occupation in the wall of Western Sahara

On Saturday, July 12, a Moroccan army unit shot Sahrawi shepherds in the area of ​​the Western Sahara partition wall. A group of Moroccan soldiers shot Sahrawi citizen Ibrahim Bada Uld Taher in cold blood with an accurate shot in the head and seriously wounded another Saharawi citizen, Mohamed Labeid Tawmi. The two Sahrawi victims were

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You have been the victim of a campaign of abuse sponsored by the Moroccan authorities August 10, 2016, Villa Cisneros (Dakhla) occupied A young Saharawi was killed on Wednesday, August 10, when a Moroccan settler stabbed him in the stomach and sprinkled acid on his face to scorch him. The victim, Mohamed Fadel Ehsan, 27,

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Propaganda and psychological warfare in Morocco after the invasion of an area under the control of MINURSO

Morocco invades and aims to establish itself in the liberated territory of Western Sahara for a long time. Occupied Villa Cisneros (Dakhla), August 15, 2016 The news transmitted by the digital medium Sawt Al Jamahir, in the last hours, that at least two Sahrawi civilians have died, IS FALSE, consequently the invasion and occupation of