Morocco invades liberated territory of Western Sahara under MINURSO control

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Morocco invades liberated territory of Western Sahara under MINURSO control

Imminent military confrontation for the control of La Guera, between Mauritania and Morocco. Occupied Villa Cisneros (Dakhla), August 14, 2016 This morning at 8:30 a.m., a contingent of about 300 soldiers from the Moroccan occupation forces launched a military offensive in the Guerguerat area (called “Kandahar” by the Moroccans), in the southern fringe of Western

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JUDGMENT EU Court of Justice: the agricultural-fishery products invoiced in Western Sahara are not Moroccan products

The Court of Justice of the European Union has just recognized that agricultural or fishery products invoiced in Western Sahara cannot be considered as Moroccan products, because Western Sahara is not part of Morocco. On November 19, 2012, the Polisario Front appealed to the EU Court of Justice the agreement signed between the EU and

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Sunday, October 13, 2014 WSHRW is the only international organization that reported, on April 17, 2014, the preliminary ruling (C-565/13) presented by a Swedish court to the Court of Justice of the EU:íritu-lucrajando-de-la-pesca-de-barcos-europeos-en-el-sahara-occidental-al-margen-de-los-acuerdos-con-la- EU/ At the time, WSHRW stated: “The news, despite its extraordinary importance, has gone completely unnoticed. And yet, it is of great

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Pre-Report on the trial of the 24 de Salé from February 8 to…. ??

France WEYL, lawyer in Paris, International Association of Democratic Lawyers – Solidarity Law Without waiting for the detailed report of the observation of the trial of the 24 of Gdeim Izik which finally opened on February 8 before the Military Tribunal of Rabat, I would like to share with you my first impressions and findings.

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The fourth session of the trial at the Rabat Military Court against the AKDEIM IZIK GROUP OF 24 began at 10:15 am on February 11, 2013, with the entry of the accused in the Court Room chanting slogans and chants in favor of the Self-determination of the Sahara, cheers in favor of the Polisario Front,

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Report by MEPs Antonio Masip and Willy Meyer, present in Rabat at the Gdeim Izik trial

The so-called Gdeim Izik Trial was held on February 1 and between February 8 and 16. It was attended by international jurists and concluded with a ruling, read seven hours after the end of the hearing, condemning nine of the accused to life imprisonment, four to 30 years in prison, seven to 25 years, three to 20 years

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Report of the Secretary-General on the situation regarding Western Sahara 2014

Report of the Secretary General on the situation regarding Western Sahara 2014 ( SPANISH )

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Salek Laasairi, 38 days without food for protesting against Moroccan prison violence

The Saharawi political prisoner Salek Laasairi decided, on Monday, May 12, 2014, to end the hunger strike that he had been on for 38 days. He began his strike after the destruction of his personal belongings by the officers of the Ait Melloul prison, and because of the violent beatings he received for his protest

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You have been the victim of a campaign of abuse sponsored by the Moroccan authorities August 10, 2016, Villa Cisneros (Dakhla) occupied A young Saharawi was killed on Wednesday, August 10, when a Moroccan settler stabbed him in the stomach and sprinkled acid on his face to scorch him. The victim, Mohamed Fadel Ehsan, 27,

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