Morocco invades liberated territory of Western Sahara under MINURSO´s control

Aug 14th, 2016 | By | Category: News

guerguerat 2Imminent military confrontation for control of La Guera, between Mauritania and Morocco.

Occupied city of Villa Cisneros (Dakhla), August 14, 2016

This morning at 8: 30h, a contingent of about 300 moroccan militar occupying forces have launched a military offensive in the zone of Guerguerat (also called “Kandahar” by moroccan), in the south of Western Sahara strip (5 to 6 km wide), north of the peninsula of La Guera and in the border with Mauritania. That area is Saharawi liberated territory, the first and seventh region of Saharawi Military Liberation Army, although Morocco considered it a “buffer zone” and is under the control of MINURSO.

This great offensive of the moroccan military occupying forces represents the greatest violation of cease fire carried out by the annexationist regime of Mohamed VI in Western Sahara, violating the military agreements signed with the Polisario Front in 1991.

Based on very recent Sahrawi information at this time Moroccan military forces have full control of the entire region nearby La Guera. From Mauritanian side there is also the movement of military.

On the other hand, during last week, the military moroccan command ordered the concentration of substantial contingents of troops in the whole area of Auserd, and a Moroccan plane takes all day flying over the region from 3 days ago.
At the airport of the occupied city of El Aaiún, capital of Western Sahara, there has been an intense movement of several military aircraft, helicopters and fighter jets.
Simultaneously, the occupied military areas of Amgala and Bir-Gandul have been reinforced with ground troops, tanks and heavy artillery. The Moroccan military detachment also integrates experts in sophisticated devices for monitoring, forming a line of defense.

Last January Mauritania hoisted its flag in La Guera, the uninhabited Saharawi city in the south that was left to Mauritania in 1976, after the Moroccan-Mauritanian agreement of April 14 where the border that would separate the two states was agreed.

According to intelligence sources in Mauritania, Morocco will use the present diplomatic crisis between the two countries to take control of La Guera, the southernmost town of Western Sahara in Atlantic Coast, only 5 km from the economic capital of Mauritania, Nouadhibou.

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